Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lily Donaldson

She is cute. She is epic.


Although I have no connection whatsoever with America, I have to say I was completely moved by such an accomplishment. I was watching the news tonight with my Dad, and the camera cut to this African American man who was just sobbing. I was so elated, (not because he was sobbing), but because as an Australian, I feel that America made the right decision in placing Barrack Obama as their 44th President. My mum and I were also watching the Inauguration process this morning, when he got out of the SUV with his wife. My mum made a comment about how surreal something like that would be. Even for him. Imagine walking up a road surrounded by thousands and thousands of people cheering for you. Imagine the ratio! 1: 80,000 people (I am ignorant of the exact numbers.) Anyway, I take my imaginary hat off to him.

Monday, January 12, 2009

OMG she has curves! Shes fat!

I was looking through the newspaper on Sunday, and as I looked at the front page, there is a picture of Gemma Ward in a swimming suit. There was a slaying front page heading, something on the lines of 'piling on the pounds'. She has put on weight, but who cares?! She still looks fabulous whether she is 50 or 70 kilos. No wonder girls these days are so pedantic an obsessive about body image. We're fed and brainwashed if you think about, to believe that we're never good enough. There is always something we can improve on blah blah... But the thing is at the end of the day, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And also I feel really sorry for the people who have to report stuff like weight gain, how boring. I wonder if those people actually feel bad about slandering someones name/image? Or if they just see it as a job? I wonder how many people dislike them?!Anyway I think we need to stick up for these kind of issues. Not everyone is stick thin forever, and good on her I say, it's her body, you have to be pretty sad if you obsess over someone Else's body. Anyway, here is the picture of her swimming at Byron Bay (i think). I'm not promoting the article, but I want you to see for yourself how good she looks anyway.

Golden Globe Awards 2009

Excitement filled me as I was reading the nominations for the 2009 Golden Globe Awards! Unfortunatly, channel 10 sold out to Arena because of the Writers strike last year, so it wasn't on free to air! Therefore, I waited in anticipation on Youtube, until I witnessed the announcement of the best supporting actor: Heath Ledger. What a fantastic iconic man. He played such a psychological, mind boggling character. The way he would twitch or lick his lips in the Dark Night made his character even more detailed an individual. I take my hat off to those who casted him in that role. You are a genius. May he rest in peace.

Materialistic goods

As you have probably noticed I haven't blogged for months i think. I'm procrastinating about writing. Anyway I have been having a decent holiday, although I have a bit of homework. I just read Frankenstein (which I thought I wouldn't understand) but sure enough I loved it like most of the literature critics/ fans. Do you realise that Frankenstein isn't the monster? Naive, that's what I was. I got a new camera a Panasonic Lumix DMC - FZ18. I didn't think I was ready for a SLR, so I got this little man who does the job quite effectively. You see I'm off to Rome and Germany in the Easter holidays, and I wanted something that would take a great picture whilst moving etc. Anyway, I thinking about how people name their material goods. I think that is really interesting, so I've decided to ask my fellow bloggers for some names. I have too many swirling around my head, so go ahead if you feel the need.