Saturday, February 6, 2010

I heart reality television.

Although most... OK all reality TV is fairly shallow and transparent, for some reason it has such a psychological hold upon my mind. I just crave it. Like it was Tim Tam's. I am currently hooked on ''The City" a TV show about the priveleged life of Whitney Port, who (if I do say so myself) is one of the best dressed women I have seen. I'm sure if you wanted to admit it you know exactly what TV show I'm talking about and hopefully you understand my shameful addiction to this world full of drama, two faced women and exstensive bangle wearing/nail painted divas.
"The girl can dress Cher" Olivia has fabulous taste in fashion. Too bad she leaves you pulling at your hair when she speaks. She creates sooo much conflict. This show would be nothing without her. Snaps for you Olivia.