Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Although I have no connection whatsoever with America, I have to say I was completely moved by such an accomplishment. I was watching the news tonight with my Dad, and the camera cut to this African American man who was just sobbing. I was so elated, (not because he was sobbing), but because as an Australian, I feel that America made the right decision in placing Barrack Obama as their 44th President. My mum and I were also watching the Inauguration process this morning, when he got out of the SUV with his wife. My mum made a comment about how surreal something like that would be. Even for him. Imagine walking up a road surrounded by thousands and thousands of people cheering for you. Imagine the ratio! 1: 80,000 people (I am ignorant of the exact numbers.) Anyway, I take my imaginary hat off to him.


  1. I can't imagine the mix of elation combined with anxiety Obama must have felt, with so much work ahead of him to repair the United States. I was in the crowd, and it was unbelievable and really meaningful. Thanks for this post, I just found your blog and really like it.

  2. thanks mary, you're so lucky to have been apart of that. :-)