Saturday, January 30, 2010

This ship is in the harbour

In the less than 16 days, I'm going to be known as what is commonly referred to as... Uni student. And I'm terrified. You know crying on the inside. Not that dramatic but you get the gist. At the moment I'm not really nervous, but I'm afraid that I'll get there and then suddenly WHAM! it'll whack me in the gut and I'll be a nervous wreck. You see I actually gave the boarding school thing a shot at the young age of 15 and the exact thing happened to me. I was getting my stuff into the shared room and suddenly it all hit. I don't know these girls, what was I thinking, I'M FOUR HOURS AWAY FROM MY HOME! 6 months later I'm home and safe, but I think you understand the reservations I might have about moving away again. Obviously things have changed. I mean maturity, independence, adulthood. Anyway. What can you do? Noooot much.

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