Saturday, January 16, 2010

I just don't know what to do with myself...

Men... yes a veyr cliche problem, however I'm a fairly cliche kinda gal. So lets just say I've never had great success with boys - translation... I've never had a relationship. 18 years old, it's almost abnormal these days. The problem I have with boys is that I see them as a foreign species. One that has its own sarcatic language, presentation and the way in which the view the human body. Now this foreigness that I feel makes me fiercely shy. No seriously... looking at the ground - DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT shy. And yet I crave a relationship. I mean c'mon it's about time anyway. 18 year drought haha, how would you feel all you people who've 'been there done that'!? I don't know. I have this pre determined kind of epiphany. One day I'll just wake up and I'll be completely content with the male species - aka I'll see them as equals, not as aliens from Uranus. Haha couldn't help myself hehe... Uranus.


  1. it's ridiculous how much i felt you were taking the words right out of my mouth!
    i'ma 18 and i also haven't had a boyfriend/ relationship/interest from the male specimen and as much as i would like that change, i feel so socially inept(AWKWARD) that when i do meet/talk to boys, i probably come across as weird...


  2. Hello sister! Yes I actually understand. And the thing is I feel like offering you advice, then I'm i think 'hang on a sec, you are no more wordly than teacupsandbobbysocks'. I don't know... maybe we should look to our own gender haha. Thanks for commenting. :-)

  3. Once again, your comment made my day. Sister, I'd never had a boyfriend until I was 20 years old, and I don't see anything wrong with that! I know its a cliche, but when we're young, we shouldn't be tied down to someone. We should be doing what we want when we want, without having to take someone else into consideration. Hell, we should be selfish. I'd been single for 20 years, and I now that I'm in a relationship, I'm glad I waited "this long"...I definately felt the pressure and I was like 'what's wrong with me?'. I couldn't talk to boys, let alone go out with them, but Uni helped me realise that its really not a big deal. I've got so many friends that are 21 and have never had a boyfriend, and they're all enjoying themselves too much to care. And I don't mean in the shagging around sleeping with whoever they want type, they relish the freedom and everything that goes with it. :) Don't succumb to the pressure sweetie xxxxx

    Your blog really is fabulous!