Monday, May 11, 2009


Well I had a mental health day today. I work in quite a circular manner. Little things just build up and up and up until... BOOM! Anyway, what I have learnt this explosion is that I'm not sure if I command respect, so like the Y generation I'm apart of I succumb to the internet in sure of how to command respect from my peers. And this is what I found.

  1. Body language is everything: stand tall, smile big and open doors for people...what?!
  2. Avoid fidgety movements with hands
  3. VIDEO camera yourself to pin point your mannerisms (yeeaahh... uhuh writing that one down!)
  4. Appear organised with necessary paperwork
  5. Dress accordingly, like you mean business (I don't think my school uniform asserts anything at all, its fairly monotonous!)

I don't I'm confused. You see I'm quite timid, I seriously don't mind not being front and centre, but I would like to be respected. I always seem to subconciously let people walk over me, and they know they can because they've either seen it happen or they have. I would just like to hold my own you know? But I'd like to be me at the same time. If any blogger out there knows how to be respected, you know where I am.


  1. Hey
    haha my school provides mental health days, named 'focus days', every second wednesday we get a day off to 'focus' which basically means sleep in.
    at my old school i was quiet and shy and had a huge inferiority complex, and was quite a doormatt. i just felt insecure and people didnt respect me. however i moved schools in year 9, and i just started asserting my opinion and to the point that it was almost intimidating. (i dont think this is a good way to go about things btw!)i would not override people however. this would mostly happen in happened alot in legal studies when i get passionate... the end product was some people hated me for having opinions which differed from theirs, but alot told me they respect my ability to say confidently what i believe in. so, yes im so sorry this comment has turned into a miny blog... i obviously needed a vent... anyway good luck with the work !x

  2. No problem! I'm glad I'm not alone, and those people who dislike you obviously envy you. Keep being who you are.