Monday, March 15, 2010


No I have not been ignoring this blog. I have however since we've last spoken, enrolled in university. Thus I will paint a perfect picture of myself. I am sitting in a shoebox of a room. (It's lovely, it really is, my own piece of space). I have 'The theory of the modern stage' opened to page 264. My hands write briskly as I sit infront of my laptop which has just been fixed. And I'm procrastinating. I think I've just encapsulated the uni experience. Also guess what?! (Mind the sarcastic tone) I want to talk to boys sooo badly. And believe me, not in a slutty kind of way, but to just hold my head up and hold a conversation. I mean really how hard could it be. Do I overthink things, whats the go? Please someone just tell me how to do it. I am so ready for the 'Aha!' moment, which is so long overdue. What am I doing. I'm going out of my brain. Do you know how repetitive putting my head down is. Extremely. Excuse the rant. It's just the way I feel.

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