Friday, January 1, 2010

Loving Pretty in Pink like 25 years later.

You cannot forget the Duck man.


  1. hey girl, thanks for following me again! i deleted my blog and account before because i needed 0 distractions for the hsc! how are you? enjoying freedom?
    ps. i just found out duckman is one of the guys on how i met your mother..i laughed.
    love pretty in pink


  2. Hello Flor! I've missed your blog! I'd try to get on there and it would say that the blog was not found and I was SO SAD. But it is all good now. Couldn't comment on your page but I loved the dress your mother & you made, and I have to comment on the similarities of the posters on your wall. Basically I was staring at my own :-). How did you go in the HSC? Great I'm sure. Glad to hear from you again.