Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tiring Tuesday

Things that I have learnt today
  • I dislike mean/vindictive/tactless people who still manage to never get caught by Karma
  • bitchy people that scare people into liking them, or they are actually liked
  • people who pick on one person, so that they feel good about themselves an not pick on anyone else
  • people who pick on quiet people
  • people who snatch
  • people who are condescending, but are smart
  • people who look at you like you're going to say the wrong thing or as though you've just asked them to harvest their eggs for a scientific experiment
  • the horrible feeling in my stomach that won't go away


1 comment:

  1. Karma WILL catch them eventually, I really believe (or hope).

    Snatching is one of my pet hates too, and I know eactly what you mean about the people looking at you like you're a bit of dirt underneath their shoe.

    There's always one girl or boy (or both in my case), that can make you feel like absolute shit just by giving you a certain look. FIGHT IT! They are no better than you. xoxo