Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My 18th birthday is this Friday an to tell you the truth, I'm not very excited. I mean why should I be? I've had it great as a child. As of Friday, I will be a legal adult, an I'm not sure if I want to be. If anyone has a time machine, that would be ideal. I'm also melanholy because I think I took my childhood for granted. People at school are excited about being able to drink legally, but I'm not into drinking that much. I'm more interested in voting haha! I'm think I'm just afraid thats all. Afraid of change and transition.


  1. hey
    when i turned 18 i felt really sad as well because ive finished with a part of my life which i loved
    ive been 18 for a month now and people cannot believe i havent bought alcohol yet
    its just coz i cbf, to be honest

  2. good on you flor, yeah its not a big priority on my list.

  3. Isn't it frightning just how fast we grow? But remember, think of the positives, never dwell on the past :]