Sunday, April 26, 2009

crazy fantasies

Bonjourno, Gutentaag, I am back on Australia soil with a big kick of jet lag. I would be putting up some of the happy snaps I took however I have seemed to have lost my connector cord. So instead, what better way to bide time than look at some outfits posted on Lookbook.


  1. Hello again
    Are you living in Sydney? If so what school? It would be funny if I knew people there. What subjects do you take?

    flor x

    ps. Pretty pictures

  2. Hey, no in fact I live in the country about 4hrs away. I did though do a short 6 month stint at Loreto Normanhurst in yr 9 as a boarder. My subjects are Advanced English, Modern HIstory, 2 unit Religion, Legal Studies and Visual arts. What school do you go to? I may know what school. :-)

  3. Im at Barker which is really close to Loretto actually! we do some similar subjects, i do Economics, Adv Eng + ext, Modern + ext, Legal and maths. Did you know Lucy Terrell?
    I read your blog about being named a nerd, i agree that its is a good label not only when applied generally, but especially in year twelve. What are you interested in studying? (let me know if the Q's are getting old...) :)

  4. I do remember the name, has she left Loreto though? I'm looking at doing some sort of drama course. It's my dream to get into NIDA, but if I can't get into anything, I'll do a bachelor of arts of some some sorts. The qn's aren't getting old at all! what about you? what are your plans? uni/TAFE preferences?