Saturday, March 28, 2009

That feeling

This may sound totally corn, but I don't really give two hoots. I have just spent the evening with some lovely girls, who are my friends. I drove home with a feeling of excitement, I'm not sure for what, but just excitement, an I'm ok with that. I also realised this evening this a few things that I would like to involve in my future life: here they are, I'm gunna list them, coz I love my lists & I'm excited!

  1. To be involved with someone, you must make an effort
  2. You can make connections with peoples in the cinema without talking/interacting with them whatsoever
  3. To fulfill your desires, you must put yourself out there
  4. Take risks

The excitement is quietly edging away from my stomach and head, and I'm ok with that, because (fingers crossed) I will feel the same bout of hope, happiness, contentment, excitement in my life again, and I hope you do to :-) .

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