Friday, March 27, 2009


What did I think when I was agreeing to year 12? That it was going to be all laugh and giggles. No folks, that it not the case... obviously. Don't get me wrong, I actually enjoy school and doing well, but geez, wouldn't it be easy just to casually pick up a pen and write a Band 6 response? Unfortunately my reality is quite different. Anyway, my lack of blogging has been due to busy schedule and lack of inspiration. But there was a minor incident in my week this week, that didn't exactly affect me that much, but I think it affected other people. You'd think at 17-18 years old, we'd be begginning to finish up with the bitchy school girl, however that is not the case. I'm not a bitchy person, but to be quite honest I love gossip. I don't pass it on, I just like listening to it. Anyway long story short, one of my friends I think has been going through a bit of a rough patch. Boys, self discovery, I'm not sure whats plaguing her mind, but she used to sit in the group I sit with, then moved to a more like minded group. Anyway, she started calling us nerds or something, and somehow it got back to our group. Not that I said this at school, but seriously, I think I have enough self acceptance to realise that I'm a freakin nerd, and that I actually enjoy it! Knowledge is power! I can undertsand that some people go on to yr 12 because they can't find a job, or they don't know what else to do, but seriously, who gives a toss if you're a nerd in yr 12. I mean if there is a time to be a nerd at school, its in yr 12 right. And I'm actually surprised that someone may think that calling someone a nerd is offensive! Heck, its a compliment. So moral of the story... accept who you are, nerds and all.!


  1. hi, i somehow eneded up on your blog and i couldn't help but comment and compliment this post because it's so true + good on you for being a nerd because i couldn't think of a more interesting type of person to have a chat to than one who could teach me new things.
    have fun on your international trip, that sounds amazing also. (y)

  2. hi jade, thanks a lot. I'm glad you like my blog, and I hope you accept yourself for who u are as well :-)