Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Change of scene...

Hi. I'm Georgie, I'm the blogger responsible for Gentle potter. I decided that I would like to create a new blog. I think because a lot has changed in my life, I would like to slow down, relax into a new pace. I'm in yr 12 at the moment, and on the 19th of December, I would have officially finished my first, hectic (to put it lightly) term of yr 12. Today, I just completed a massive assessment task, where I had to write a feature article and then re-create its 1600 word body in 50 minutes, therefore, I'm feeling quite fatigued. I'm having a 'mental health day' tomorrow as my mother puts it, which I think is an earned day off. At the moment, I'm watching Narnia, Prince Caspian, which is pretty pretty cool. I like the dwarf's and the little digital recreations. In Gentle Potter, I guess I didn't express who I was in particular. I wanted to remain a bit un attached, but I'm like that in real life, so why not express myself in Cyberspace?

- I am quite honest
- I want to be an actor
-I want to train at NIDA in Sydney
-I have my P plates! and just recently, I was honked on a roundabout
-I work in a shoe shop
-I'm quite sensitive
-I love movies
-My favourite subject is Art
-I'm aiming to get 88 in my HSC
-I'm intimidated by boys (I have trouble looking many in the eyes)
-I'm a bit of a feminist
-I love trashy TV (90210) I love Silver!
- I'm a homebody, give me a computer and a dvd on a Saturday night and I'm set, if that makes me a loser, I don't care.

So there you have it, an tiny increment of who I am. I hope to blog some dominant blogs on here. I'm going to use this blog as a venting space and just express who I am on Cyberspace. A place where you can express what you might feel is inexpressible in real life.

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